printed mugs

Custom printed mugs are a great way to promote your business and ensure that your logo will be seen throughout the year. They’re also ideal for generating leads.

There are many ways to get your mug design printed, including transfer printing, screen printing and dye sublimation. All are easy to use and produce eye-catching results. The trick is to find the right method to fit your budget.

The most popular method is screen printing. This is suitable for simple designs on mugs, as well as for more complex shapes. It’s a simple process that’s also relatively inexpensive.

A more advanced process is dye sublimation. Using organic colour dyes, this technique produces vibrant images with crystal clarity. In addition to offering a wide colour range, this process also eliminates the need for harmful substances.

Some printers use the direct screen printing method, which is great for smaller designs. However, this process can’t produce the most complex half-tone colours. This makes it less suitable for bulk printing.

Transfer printing is a more labor-intensive process, but can be more flexible. With this method, the design is printed on a special paper that is wrapped around the outside of the ware. The ink is then transferred by static electricity. While this method can be used to print on a variety of materials, it’s best suited for porcelain and bone china mugs.

Another common method is the digital process. This process uses ionisation techniques and advanced laser technologies to create full-colour mugs in a small amount of time. If you’re looking for an eye-catching design, this process is the best choice.

Other methods, such as sandblast etching, can create an intricate design with 3D effects. However, this technique can wear out under harsh conditions. Also, while it produces a great effect, it’s not a durable product. So, it’s important to test your design before ordering.

You can also make a branded mug using the same inks on both sides. Usually, this isn’t necessary, but you can get a unique look by choosing a style that will be printed in a different colour on the other side.

For a more detailed design, a process known as transfer printing is best. It’s a more sophisticated version of the direct screen printing method. Instead of wrapping the design on a water slide decal paper, it is transferred to a special paper that’s applied to the mug. This makes it possible for you to add your own text, as well as thousands of customizable clipart graphics.

Finally, you can create custom mugs online using services like VistaPrint and Shutterfly. Both of these companies require you to provide a digital copy of your design. However, VistaPrint will also adjust the image or text to suit the mug. Depending on your needs, you can even preview the final product before you order.

Mugs are a great way to make an impression and are one of the best ways to put your business on the map. Whether you’re running a small company, or have an online business, creating personalized mugs is a great way to promote your brand.